Three Missouri Southern staff members were recently announced as Service Champ Award recipients.

The quarterly awards are presented by Staff Senate. Winners are selected by nominations from members of the campus staff. Nominations are based on meeting the attributes of the five pads of the lion paw – Respect to campus community; Positive attitude; Pride in work; Exemplary dependability; and Excellence in customer service.

The recent award recipients are:

Leona Belk, Admissions Systems and Data Coordinator

“Leona displays all five pads of the Lion Paw,” reads a submission nominating her for the award. “She shows respect to the campus community by always finding ways to help make it better and serving on Staff Senate proudly. She has a positive attitude and tries to help others live with a positive mindset as well. Leona takes pride in her work and is often the person that everyone in Admissions goes to for help. She strives to ensure that everything she does is done with excellence and at the highest possible standard.”

Kelly Desmond, Custodian, Spiva Library

“Kelly is an absolute joy to be around, and those of us here at the library are lucky to have her,” a colleague wrote in a nomination letter. “Kelly is exceptionally great at making individuals feel important, by way of remembering birthdays, or where you happened to go for the weekend, or taking the time to learn your personal preferences. And not only does this thoughtfulness come naturally to her, but it’s also genuine, as she asks astute questions that reveals her true listening skills. It is these combined characteristics that make her so wonderful at anticipating the needs of one’s area.”

Lonnie Hulette, Custodial Staff

“Lonnie is an incredibly valuable employee who shows up every day with a positive attitude and a willingness to go the extra mile,” a nomination reads. “Billingsly Student Center is a large building with events occurring all the time. Lonnie always makes sure that everything is ready for these events while still checking that daily cleaning occurs. No matter what the situation is, he finds a way to make things work, especially now that there are fewer custodians in the building. He is such an incredible asset to this campus with his respectful attitude, hard work and reliability.”


To nominate a staff member for the quarterly award, click here.